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Intel A80502120 SY027
Intel A80502120 SY027
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    Welcome to my collection of CPU:s!

    I have created this site so that i can keep track of what i got, and having it online makes it available almost anywhere. I have also started collecting memorabilia, mainly from Intel, AMD, IBM and Cyrix, but anything cool or out of the ordinary is also collected.

    Check it out, and if you have anyting to sell or trade just e-mail me!

    / Thomas
    ([email protected])

AMD (119)
Am386, Am486, 5x86, K5, K6, K6-2, K6-III, K7, Duron, Athlon, Sempron
Cyrix (33)
387, 6x86, Cx486, MII, Via Cyrix III
IBM (24)
486, 6x86
Intel (459)
386, 387, 486, Pentium, Pentium Pro, Celeron, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium 4, Xeon, i960
Power PC (8)
ST (13)
486, 6x86
Transmeta (7)
Older (pre 386) (15)
Misc chips (33)
Memorabilia (206)
Keychains, Mousepads, Pins and pinbacks, Stickers, Pens, Watches
Engineering and mechanical samples (73)
Fakes (10)
Complete boards (6)

1006 images in 157 categories.

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